Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lookbook| 5 Natural Hair Summer Hairstyles You Can Try

Time to roll out a new lookbook with fresh natural hairstyles for the summer. Check out these natural hairstyles below for some inspiration.

Easy Summer Natural Hairstyles

Flexi Rods/Perm Rods
This is one look I HAVE to try this summer! As you can see from the photo below by Sumetra, flexi rods and perm rods each give different results.

Curly Afro Puff
This is a new take on the traditional afro puff. Position your afro puff forward towards the front of your hair to create curly bangs.

Flat Twist Out
Let's not forget the beauty of a simple flat twist out.

Tutorial by Afrophire
Video Tutorial by Sumetra Reed

Protective Summer Natural Hairstyles

"Crowing Glory" Flat Twist Crown
Simple, classy, and professional. The flat twist crown, also known as the "goddess" braid, can work as a workplace hairstyle.

By Janae

Video Tutorial by Yoli for Short Natural Hair

Flat Twist Crown and Bun

By Fret_

Which of these looks will you try?