Sunday, December 29, 2013

10 Ways to Tie a Silk Head Scarf

A scarf can be a great accessory for your hair. Scarves come in various colors and designs and can be tied multiple ways. When purchasing scarves, look for material that is silk, satin, or %100 acrylic as these materials are slippery and will not snag the hair. 

Scarves can be worn during all seasons and are ideal for protecting the hair during colder fall and winter months. Watch the video below by Naptural85 to learn how to tie a head scarf. 

This video demonstrates...
how to tie head scarfs
professional and casual looks

Benefits of scarves
  • can be tied multiple ways
  • come in various designs
  • protect hair from weather
Where to purchase scarves
Scarves usually cost around $14. At Target the scarves cost between $14.99 and $16.99. Scarves can work for a business casual outfit when paired with a blazer and dress pants. To wear a head scarf in a professional setting, try selecting solid colors like black, brown, gray, or beige in the highest quality of material like silk.

What are your experiences with head scarves?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Using Braids As a Protective Hairstyle

Here are six tips for ladies who prefer to wear braids as a protective hairstyle.

photo courtesy of 

How do you maintain your braids?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lookbook: Natural Hair & Winter Outfit

To keep warm this winter, wear sweaters containing animal fibers like wool, alpaca, or cashmere. Pair your sweaters with corduroy pants to lock in the heat. Style your hair in a protective hairstyle like twists or braids.

This winter outfit can be worn with an Havana Twist up do.

Fashion icon Adjoa from London with Havana Twists
Ladies, what is your favorite winter outfit to snuggle in?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Protective Hairstyles for Winter: Havana Twists, Marley Twists, Senegalese Twists

There are several protective hairstyles that you can consider wearing this winter. Hair extensions like Havana twists, Marley twists, and Senegalese twists can be a good option for a professional look that will compliment your work attire while keeping your hair protected. 

Here are some outfit ideas I have collected from two bloggers to help you out this cold season!

Ms. Naturally Mary – Havana Twists

Ms. Naturally Mary shows off out to wear Havana twists with professional outfits. These outfits will also work well with Marley twists and Senegalese twists.

Half up, Half Down, Hanging

Up Do Bun with Bangs

Off to Side Large Twists

Revele-toi – Senegalese Twists/Braids
Check out this hairstyle from Revele-toi’s fashion diary. This style can be done with Senegalese twists or braids.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Havana Twists Do Not Have To Be an Expensive Hairstyle

I am writing this post to refute the claim made by this naturallycurly article, that says Havana Twists are an expensive hairstyle. I was alarmed by the strong bias of this article which does not present all of the facts about Havana Twists.

As readers of myfairhair know, I have posted several articles on Havana Twists and how to use the hair extensions. The truth about Havana Twists is that they do not have to be an expensive hairstyle choice. Read on as I explain why.

Vlogger Ms. Naturally Mary with Havana Twists and a professional outfit

Havana Twists for the Frugal
Individual packs of Havana hair cost $12.99 plus shipping. I only use one pack of Havana hair to put in my twists. I have medium length, 4b hair. Some YouTube bloggers or hair forums will suggest purchasing 3 to 5 packs of hair to achieve the style. However, in my experience, one pack of hair when used correctly, can style all of my hair.

To save money, I suggest putting the Havana hair in yourself. Many women have done this successfully and have posted pictures and videos online.

Havana Hair Extensions Can Be An Expensive Style Choice if…
  • You buy multiple packs of hair (3 to 5)
  • You have a professional beautician style your twists
So there you have it, all of the facts about Havana Twists! Please keep in mind that I can only speak from personal experience. Always use discretion when purchasing products.

Take a peak at my other articles about Havana Twists for more information:

What has been your experience with Havana Twists?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lookbook: Professional Outfits to Fall For

Box Braids or twists extensions are great natural hairstyles that can be combined with a variety of Fall outfits. Check out the fall-inspired look below.

Who says you can not wear blue during Autumn? Try pairing pastel colors like the blue jacket above with neutral colors like brown. Add touches of gold for accessories.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Four Worst Hair Care Mistakes

There is the good, the bad, then the ugly side of finding the ideal hair care routine. Since I decided to learn more about how to take care of my natural hair in 2011, I have experimented, researched, and learned several important hair care lessons. Today I am going to share my top five worst natural hair care mistakes. Trust me, you do not want to repeat these! 
via lovenaturalsunshine
1. Putting Peanut Butter in my hair
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the results were disastrous. Peanut Butter is naturally high in protein. At the time, my hair needed a good protein deep conditioner, so I opted to scoop out a spoonful of peanut butter and rub it throughout my hair.
Results: Bad hair day! I had to wash my hair thoroughly to get the peanut butter out of my hair. That stuff sure is sticky.
Solution: Use a Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner. It is high in protein and gives natural hair lots of slip.
2. Putting Banana in my hair
Don’t get me wrong, bananas are a great source of potassium and they can impart vital nutrients and moisture to natural hair. I wanted to moisturize my hair, so I blended a banana and aloe vera gel together in my blender.
Results: The mixture was smooth and it spread easily into my hair. The problem was that when I washed it out, little bits of banana were left in my hair. Yikes! I had a hard time washing that out.
Solution: Use banana baby food instead of actual bananas, that way you get all the moisture without the food bits.
3. Using the wrong sleep cap
Your natural hair needs to be protected while you sleep. Until a few months ago, I used a scarf to wrap my hair at night. It always found a way to slip off of my head in the middle of the night.
Results: Breakage! My hair suffered lots of breakage on my edges where my hair would rub against my pillow case while I slept.
Solution: I now wear a do-rag and a scarf together. The do-rag stays nice-n-snug on my head during the night.
4. Using headbands to style my hair
Headbands use to be my main go to accessory for my up-do hairstyles. I placed them on my hair and voila! –instant hairstyle.
Results: Breakage on my hairline.
Solution: Stop using hairbands to style hair and research other hairstyle alternatives.
Ladies, what are your worst natural hair care mistakes?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wearing a Blazer with Natural Hair

Wear a blazer with a natural hairstyle and add a business casual look to your wardrobe. Black blazers are ideal for office settings, while a light brown blazer can be worn for a more business casual look. Pair blazers with jeans and heels for a chic outfit or opt for formal dress slacks for that professional edge.

Fashion blogger Marie of merelymarie talks about her thrifted blazer...

"I love this blazer! It’s super comfortable & feels very well cut." 
"I found it at the Salvation Army some time last year, and had it dry cleaned. It still had the original tags/spare button envelope on it. This was my look for the Natural Hair Expo."

About Marie's outfit

  • Blazer: Express Design Studio
  • Blouse: thrift store find 
  • Denim: Hudson 
  • Shoes: Hispanitas 
  • Watch: gift
  • Bracelets: Tiffany & Co., Claires 
  • Nails & Toesies: OPI, Tickle My France-y 
  • Hair: Wash & Go/Twist Out Combo

photos courtesy of merelymarie

How do you wear your blazer?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Professional Two Strand Twist Top Bun Hairstyle

The Two Strand Twist Top Bun hairstyle is a variation of the Top Bun hairstyle created by Essence Online Beauty Editor, Nicole. Although this hairstyle may look difficult, it can be created in five easy steps.

The Two Strand Twist Top Bun via DIY Natural Hair Care

1. Secure your hair to the top of your head with a silk knee high or goody, "hair safe," elastic band
2. Twist the ends of your ponytail into chunky twists.
3. Pull the hair forward and tuck them under to the front. 
4. Secure your hair with pins. 
5. Add gel to the edges and brush lightly. 

Tell us your thoughts about this look below!

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Create and Moisturize an Afro Puff

Learn how to create a beautiful afro puff. Afro puffs are professional, stylish hairstyles that can be worn throughout the summer, spring, and fall days that are warm. I am loving this stylish afro puff from revele-toi's fashion diary.

Blogger revele-toi wearing an afro puff
"Maintenant que mon afro s'élève dignement du sommet de mon crâne, je suis heureuse de pouvoir réaliser cette coiffure qui me faisait tant envie sur les photos de mes consoeurs aux cheveux crépus."
How to Create an Afro Puff
This tutorial demonstrates how to create an afro puff using a ribbon. Using a ribbon is ideal for thick hair that is too big for an elastic band. Also, a ribbon does not damage fine edges. Consider using ribbon if you style your hair in an afro puff often to prevent your edges from being snagged.

Keeping Your Afro Puff Moisturized
Wearing afro puffs in intense heat or windy, chilly weather can strip moisture form your hair strands. Moisturize your hair with a layer of products, using the loc method. Start by applying a water-based leave-in conditioner to your hair. Next spread your favorite oil over your hair strands, focusing on the tips. Finally, lock in the moisture with a heavy cream, butter, or hair lotion. Now your afro puff is ready to brave the weather!

Precautions for Wearing An Afro Puff
1. Never style your afro puff too tight. If you feel tension at your edges, undo the hairstyle and loosen your ribbon's hold
2. Carefully comb your hair using a wide tooth comb before styling
3. Limit the amount of times you style your hair in an afro puff to a few times a month to prevent weakened edges and split ends
4. Always keep your afro puff moisturized because your hair ends are exposed to the weather's elements

photos courtesy of revele-toi

How do you create your afro puffs?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Strand Twists - Protective Hairstyle

Protective hairstyles are great for the colder, fall and winter months. I like to have several go-to protective hairstyles that I can create quickly during the week. Two Strand Twists are a protective hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Two Strand Twists can also be pined into various up dos. View the tutorial below to learn how to style your Two Strand Twists.

This video demonstrates...
how to create a protective hairstyle
how to style two strand twists into a up do

Friday, September 27, 2013

Natural Hair Pin Up Hairstyle

Hello ladies! Today we will be talking about Pin up hairstyles. Pin up hairstyles are ideal for professional occasions like the workplace, an interview, etc. Pin up hairstyles require smooth, stretched-out hair and bobby pins. View the tutorials below to learn how to create a Pin up hairstyle.

Actress Monique Coleman with natural hair up do

Beauty Supplies Needed Create Pin Up Hairstyle

  • Bobby pins - to hold hair in place
  • Hair conditoner or styler - to smooth and soften hair

Pin Up Hairstyle - For Short Natural Hair

Retro Roll & Pin - For Medium Long Natural Hair

Pin Up Hairstyle with Bangs - For Long Natural Hair

How do you create your pin up hairstyle? Share your tips with us below!

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to do a Bantu Knot Out on 4a Natural Hair

A Bantu Knot Out is a hairstyle that creates springy waves in natural and curly hair. Bantu Knots are different from Twists in that they involve wrapping a single strand of hair around itself. Bantu Knots also work on natural or curly hair with a defined curl pattern.

Jamila Reddy of For the Fabulous and Frugal shows off her big Bantu Knots

This video demonstrates...

  • how to do a bantu knot out on 4a natural hair
  • how to style a bantu knot out
  • a semi wavy hairstyle
  • a professional hairstyle

What products do you use to style your bantu knots?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lookbook: Afro with Polka Dots, Workplace Outfit

I think you Ladies are really going to enjoy this cute outfit from Fashionista Trends! Why try this look? For one, it is professional but very feminine & fun with a light pink blouse accented with white polka dots. You can wear this outfit with an afro and still look sophisticated in an office setting.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Professional Top Bun Natural Hairstyle Tutorial

The Top Knot Bun takes the Afro Puff to another level in natural hairstyle beauty. Plus it is a hairstyle that can be done at home and, with practice it can become a staple, professional look.

Natural hair blogger Tamara shows off her beautiful version of the Top Knot Bun

To achieve the Top Knot Bun hairstyle, watch the tutorial by Essence Online Beauty Editor, Nicole.

This video demonstrates...
how to create the Top Knot Bun hairstyle
helpful tips for creating a natural up do

Have you tried the Top Knot Bun hairstyle? Share your tips & tricks in creating this look!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Prevent Dry, Unhealthy Locs

Find out how to care for your locs while cleansing and styling.

General Maintenance
  1. Always opt for products that do not clog the pores or cause build-up 
  2. Avoid heavy butters and balms such as shea butter, beeswax or products that have mineral oil as their base 
  3. Shea butter, beeswax, and mineral oil cause buildup and leave behind a residue that accumulates and collects grime over time 
  4. Sleep with a satin/ silk scarf night after night, having locs does not exempt you from this rule. Not only does a silk bonnet protect your hair from knotting up and losing moisture, it also keeps your locs lint free

*Special Note: The use of beeswax has often been debated among locticians; while some claim it is a necessary evil during the initial phase, know that there are alternate products that can be used. These include clay, gels, hair glue, honey mixes among others. Find out what you and your hair best.

When it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. Locs are versatile and translate well with any setting. The only word of caution that I cannot stress enough is this; do not stress your hairline. Your hairline is very weak and sensitive, even more so in the case of locs. Avoid tight ponytails or styles that will cause undue stress on your hairline. Failure to do so will ultimately lead to traction alopecia.

During the initial phase, washing your hair is out of the question. Remember to be gentle while washing your hair. Follow this up with an oil massage be sure to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (remember that less is more, don't use too much product). Re-twist to avoid locs from meshing together.

You can wash your matured locs as often as you would like. Some experts recommend washing locs every 2-3 weeks, but this really depends on your lifestyle and tolerance level. Be sure to dilute your sudsy shampoo or opt to purchase a sulphate free shampoo if you can. If you work out or have the need for water on your locs, washing your hair more often or whenever you feel the need is also an option.
Blogger LuvvieLocs shows off her locs
Deep Conditioning
You must deep condition your locs. There is a thought that exists that claims once you dawn locs, your hair is as tough as nails. No ma'am, that is false. Your hair will still need regular nourishment which will come in the form of moisture and protein. How often you carry out these processes is by far, a lot less than that of a woman who has her natural hair out.

Deep conditioning sessions are what make the difference between lustrous, shinny hair and dull, listless locs. You can up your protein; protein deep conditioning sessions will make your locs stronger and tougher, while moisture DC's will give your hair that brilliant shine.

Co-washing mature dreads also promotes clean, soft locs. Do not over-do it, however. Your locs may begin to fluff up if they are not fully mature.

Leave-In conditioners are excellent choices for not only dreadlocked hair, but all-natural hair textures because it opens up the cuticle, moisturizing and coating the hair shaft.

In the end, proper loc care is very important…
  • Keeping your dreads clean not only promotes healthy hair growth, but helps get them tighter and stronger.
  • Moisturizing locs requires light oils that do not clog pores and is close to the 
  • natural oily state
  • Essential oils like Castor oil, Jojoba, Sesame oil and Olive oil, will cleanse condition and stimulate the scalp, strengthen, and add sheen to your locs
  • Olive oil and Sesame oil are very nourishing to the scalp and hair and help reduce stiffness and tightness in the scalp

Monday, July 22, 2013

Up Close & Natural: Feature Request

Calling all natural & professional women! Myfairhair would like to feature you. Starting this month, Myfairhair will be featuring women with natural hair in the workplace. 

Whether you are a corporate business women, a magazine editor, a teacher, or a college intern, we want to share your story. Inspire others to wear their natural hair in workplace. Share your experiences, cute outfits, and fashionable looks!

Write us at

For more information & guidelines visit our Submit page.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fashion Diary for Natural Hair

Need ideas for summer outfits to go with your natural hairstyles? I can't get enough of these stylish outfits paired with natural hair by Revele-toi. Check out photos from her fashion diary below. 

Revele-toi pairs a blushing, pink dress with sky blue heels & afro

Revele-toi shows three looks for styling your makeup with natural hair
Which one of these looks would you wear? Tell us below!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Up Close & Natural - Interviewing women with natural hair in the workplace

Natural hair blogger of Love, Life & Curls talks about having natural hair in the workplace as an intern.

As an aspiring news reporter, while in college numerous times I've been told that I won't make it with my hair being natural. 
Many times people say that natural hair isn't professional, but who made that rule?  I must admit that when I first heard this in undergrad and when I started my first internship at a news station, I always tried to pull my hair back into a neat bun. After while, when I really thought about what it was to be myself, I let go of the buns and flaunted the curls.

My hair doesn't make me less of a reporter or less of a college instructor. My students still learn and the community will still be informed of the news story. So I refuse to let anyone tell me that because my hair can get a little wild that I won't or can't be successful. It's up to Black women to change that perception in society.

We want to interview you!

1. Tell us how you wear your hair in the workplace.
2. Include photos and your experiences.
3. We will feature you on MyFairHair

College interns are welcome too!
Fill out the information below and send it to

First Name:
Education (Degress and Schools):
Job Title/Company:
Where are you located?
How long have you had natural hair?

Office Style
How did you wear your hair at the interview for this position?
Favorite hairstyle to wear at the workplace:
Favorite website to learn about new looks:
Staple hairstyle accessories:
Best store for accessories:

Words of encouragement for women with natural hair in the workplace:

Follow me at: @ (your twitter name here)

For more information visit our Submit page!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lookbook: Headscarf with Casual Beach Outfit

I love wearing headscarves during the summer--especially at the beach where the sun can be very drying for natural hair. Try wearing this beach inspired outfit with bangles and a cute beach tote. 

Photography by

Have you tried wearing a headscarf? Share your photos with us below!

More: How to tie a scarf for natural hair turban

Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Tie a Bun Headscarf

A bun headscarf is ideal to wear during all seasons, especially in the summer and winter as the elements are the harshest on natural hair. I like wearing a headscarf while at the beach in the summer. It prevents the sun from drying out my natural hair!

This video tutorial demonstrates...
  • how to tie a headscarf with a bun in the back
  • how to cover the hair with a stylish scarf

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lookbook: Small Afro & Casual Summer Outfit

For a fresh summer look, try pairing cropped dress pants that are skinny at the ankle with a clean, white blouse. The v-neck blouse, art deco bangles, and floral necklace add texture to this outfit. Wear this look with a large fluffy afro or a small TWA (teeny weeny afro).

What natural hairstyles are you wearing this summer?

More: Small Afro TWA Professional Hairstyles

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lookbook: Coral Accessories for Natural Hair

These chic accessories go great with natural hair. I decided to add a natural hair vibe to the scarf, clutch, and shades trio shown above. The fluffy afro and "I love natural hair" poster complete the look. 

Purchase posters like the one shown above and greeting cards at

Collection of accessories from brunchatsax

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Detangle Finger Coils, Twists, Bantu Knots, and Rodsets

Wearing natural hair in finger coils, twists, bantu knots, and rod sets can make it a challenge to comb out and detangle, because the hair has been trained to coil or twist on itself.  If your hair is hard to comb out and detangle you will get breakage and hair loss. I have found these 5 steps to detangle natural hair after wearing finger coils, twists, bantu knots, and rod sets have helped me to minimize the damage.

Pre-poo your hair
1) Do a heavy oiling or pre-poo of your natural hair before you wash your hair. This will set the stage for your further detangling before you shampoo. Put your hair into several twists.

Finger detangle
2) Detangle with your fingers. Work on only one section at a time.  If you encounter any resistance, carefully pull the tangled hairs or knots apart.
3) When you feel you have adequately finger detangled, start to comb with a wide-tooth comb.  If you encounter any serious resistance, go back and finger detangle this spot again until you can comb it through easily.
4) If hair feels very dry and starts to break, add more oil, water, or even your favorite conditioner that has lots of slip.  Anything that will make the coils and knots release.
5) Be sure you have enough time (and patience) to do your entire head this way.  I have found when I feel rushed or I get tired, I rip through my hair and cause more breakage than usual.
After each section has been adequately detangled, proceed on to your hair washing.
Prevent breakage and hair loss and keep more of your hair on your head where it belongs with these 5 steps to detangle natural hair after wearing finger coils, twists, bantu knots, and rod sets.
courtesy of Alyce,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Can Touch My Hair Exhibit in New York City is Controversial

What began as an idea spurred on by the rhetoric surrounding the “Can I touch your hair” comments many women with natural hair encounter, ended up as a living New York City conversation piece this past weekend. In an effort to bring light to the controversy, Antonia Opiah set up a one-weekend-only exhibit entitled “You Can Touch My Hair.”

Much as its name suggests, the exhibit, located in Bryant Park, allowed passers-by the opportunity to touch natural hair in an atmosphere without bias. But, better than the opportunity to touch natural hair was the conversation sparked by the exhibit amongst the natural hair community.

The “You Can Touch My Hair Exhibit” had very few online supporters. By placing what is a mild annoyance for some into an exhibit for all to see, many felt that the showcase was more of a human petting zoo than something to encourage dialogue and open minds. 

Opiah, founder of, said, “Because if you’re actually friends with a person, ‘Can I touch your hair?’ is a question you don’t have to ask because you know that you can either just do it or know to steer clear. And if you don’t know any black people that well enough, maybe you should be asking yourself a different question.”


Watch: Huffington Post discusses the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit featuring the Opiah and Professor Imani Perry of African American Studies at Princeton University and Michaela Angela Davis, Image Activist / Editorial Brand Manager at BET.

I disagree with Opiah in having the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit. I agree that African-American hair is something to be celebrated. However, I feel that the event exoticized African-American hair. I think a forum would have done a better job of sparking a racial dialogue. Having the opportunity to touch African-American hair can be a form of cultural exchange if it is presented in the correct format. Instead, I think many people who participated in the event simply satisfied a curiosity. And as for people who have never touched or learned about African-American hair, I think it is a reflection of the lack of relationships they have with other cultures.


photos courtesy of,,, and Taren Guy

What do you think about the exhibit? Are you for it or against it?

More: 'You Can Touch My Hair' Exhibition: A Social Experiment, NOT A Movement via Huffington Post

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to tie a scarf for natural hair turban

Scarves and turbans are great ways to add a stylish accessory to your natural hairstyle. Turbans work especially well with TWAs (small afros) and up dos. Turbans can also gently cover thin edges while they are in the process of growing back. Make sure your scarf or turban is made of 100% satin to ensure that the material does not snag the hairline.

This video demonstrates...
  • how to use a scarf as an accessory
  • how to create a turban for natural hair

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lookbook: Chunky Twist out & Three Summer Outfits

This set of chic outfits prove that one skirt can be worn many ways. Try a floral pattern skirt and mix and match for new looks. The chunky twist out hairstyle finishes off this easy-going, dressy casual style. Styles provided by Karrina Renee Krueger, photography by dfinney photography.

how to do a twist out| how to create a chunky twist out afro | outfits