Saturday, July 13, 2013

Up Close & Natural - Interviewing women with natural hair in the workplace

Natural hair blogger of Love, Life & Curls talks about having natural hair in the workplace as an intern.

As an aspiring news reporter, while in college numerous times I've been told that I won't make it with my hair being natural. 
Many times people say that natural hair isn't professional, but who made that rule?  I must admit that when I first heard this in undergrad and when I started my first internship at a news station, I always tried to pull my hair back into a neat bun. After while, when I really thought about what it was to be myself, I let go of the buns and flaunted the curls.

My hair doesn't make me less of a reporter or less of a college instructor. My students still learn and the community will still be informed of the news story. So I refuse to let anyone tell me that because my hair can get a little wild that I won't or can't be successful. It's up to Black women to change that perception in society.

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