Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Create Yarn Extensions

Preparation: Cut two, long pieces of Red Heart yarn. Place the two strands together.

Photo 1: Part off a small portion of hair. Divide the hair into two sections.
Photo 2: Place the yarn between the two strands of parted hair.
Place yarn at an angle, forming an X between the parted strands of hair.

Photos 3, 4, 5: Place yarn over one strand of hair and under the other strands of hair.
Photo 6: Begin to twist the yarn to the hair. Twist one strand clockwise while twisting the other counterclockwise.

Photo 7, 8: Bring twisted hair strands together and cross at the root. Twist the strands together to create one large twist.
Photo 9: Tie a knot or burn end of yarn to seal twist. Cut off extra yarn.

Tips for creating yarn extensions

  • Use a pomade or heavy cream to slick your hair to the yarn
  • Part your hair by using your fingers to divide equal sections

Ways to finish off yarn extensions

  • Burn the ends of your yarn twists/braids for a neat and tidy look
  • Use one strand of yarn to tie a knot over the other strands of yarn

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