Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yarn Extensions: everything you need to know

1. Yarn extensions are a protective hairstyle
2. Yarn extensions are durable & long lasting
3. Yarn extensions can be an easy, DIY project

Blogger Electik Sunset models yarn twists pulled into a stylish bun

About yarn extensions

Yarn extensions can be styled in natural hair in two ways, as twists or as braids. Yarn braids look similar to locks when finished. I prefer to put yarn twists in my hair because I can twist faster than I can braid. (: Yarn twists are easier to take down because the natural hair is less entwined with the yarn.

photo of red heart brand of yarn. yarn is the color black
Super Saver Red Heart yarn can be purchased for as low as $2-3

Selecting the yarn

I use Red Heart, 100% acrylic yarn to create my yarn twists. Red Heart yarn is ideal for yarn extensions because it looks similar to natural hair. Red Heart yarn is relatively cheap, usually $2-3. It can be purchased at stores like Walmart or craft stores like Joann Fabric or AC Moore.

a close up photo of black red heart yarn showing individual yarn strands
Black Red Heart yarn close up

more: how to create yarn extensions: pictorial

how to create yarn twists: video tutorial

how to create yarn braids: video tutorial


  1. ummm..tutorial? :) Would love one. yours like amazing

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the shout out! (; I'm glad that you like this post. If you look at the "more" links at the end of the article, you will find links to tutorials on how to put in yarn extensions. Hope this helps!