Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Four Worst Hair Care Mistakes

There is the good, the bad, then the ugly side of finding the ideal hair care routine. Since I decided to learn more about how to take care of my natural hair in 2011, I have experimented, researched, and learned several important hair care lessons. Today I am going to share my top five worst natural hair care mistakes. Trust me, you do not want to repeat these! 
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1. Putting Peanut Butter in my hair
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the results were disastrous. Peanut Butter is naturally high in protein. At the time, my hair needed a good protein deep conditioner, so I opted to scoop out a spoonful of peanut butter and rub it throughout my hair.
Results: Bad hair day! I had to wash my hair thoroughly to get the peanut butter out of my hair. That stuff sure is sticky.
Solution: Use a Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner. It is high in protein and gives natural hair lots of slip.
2. Putting Banana in my hair
Don’t get me wrong, bananas are a great source of potassium and they can impart vital nutrients and moisture to natural hair. I wanted to moisturize my hair, so I blended a banana and aloe vera gel together in my blender.
Results: The mixture was smooth and it spread easily into my hair. The problem was that when I washed it out, little bits of banana were left in my hair. Yikes! I had a hard time washing that out.
Solution: Use banana baby food instead of actual bananas, that way you get all the moisture without the food bits.
3. Using the wrong sleep cap
Your natural hair needs to be protected while you sleep. Until a few months ago, I used a scarf to wrap my hair at night. It always found a way to slip off of my head in the middle of the night.
Results: Breakage! My hair suffered lots of breakage on my edges where my hair would rub against my pillow case while I slept.
Solution: I now wear a do-rag and a scarf together. The do-rag stays nice-n-snug on my head during the night.
4. Using headbands to style my hair
Headbands use to be my main go to accessory for my up-do hairstyles. I placed them on my hair and voila! –instant hairstyle.
Results: Breakage on my hairline.
Solution: Stop using hairbands to style hair and research other hairstyle alternatives.
Ladies, what are your worst natural hair care mistakes?

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