Saturday, November 16, 2013

Havana Twists Do Not Have To Be an Expensive Hairstyle

I am writing this post to refute the claim made by this naturallycurly article, that says Havana Twists are an expensive hairstyle. I was alarmed by the strong bias of this article which does not present all of the facts about Havana Twists.

As readers of myfairhair know, I have posted several articles on Havana Twists and how to use the hair extensions. The truth about Havana Twists is that they do not have to be an expensive hairstyle choice. Read on as I explain why.

Vlogger Ms. Naturally Mary with Havana Twists and a professional outfit

Havana Twists for the Frugal
Individual packs of Havana hair cost $12.99 plus shipping. I only use one pack of Havana hair to put in my twists. I have medium length, 4b hair. Some YouTube bloggers or hair forums will suggest purchasing 3 to 5 packs of hair to achieve the style. However, in my experience, one pack of hair when used correctly, can style all of my hair.

To save money, I suggest putting the Havana hair in yourself. Many women have done this successfully and have posted pictures and videos online.

Havana Hair Extensions Can Be An Expensive Style Choice if…
  • You buy multiple packs of hair (3 to 5)
  • You have a professional beautician style your twists
So there you have it, all of the facts about Havana Twists! Please keep in mind that I can only speak from personal experience. Always use discretion when purchasing products.

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What has been your experience with Havana Twists?

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