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How to do a Braid out with natural hair

Braid outs are a natural hairstyle that are created by braiding three strands of hair together with a styling product. Braid outs are created when the braids are separated and fluffed.

Braid outs can be styled on short, transitioning natural hair or on longer natural hair.

Tips to achieving the perfect braid out & twist out

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1. Start on clean, freshly washed and conditioner hair–this is essential to achieving a bountiful shine and sheen with lots of body. Hair that’s already weighed down with product or that has not been thoroughly cleansed will appear dull and has high frizz-potential.
2. Use a leave-in conditioner on damp hair before applying any other product. The leave-in helps to give balance to those areas that need extra moisture and conditioning. 
3. Apply a creamy, water-based styler instead of gel. Applying a water-based styler will not only aid in moisture retention but will also help to give definition and bit of hold. Gels often contain ingredients that will cause the hair to be crunchy and/or dry–the act of getting rid of the crunchiness may cause an unwanted frizz.
4. Follow with a bit of light oil like jojoba, coconut or olive oil to seal in the moisture. I usually take a nickle-sized amount of jojoba oil, rub my hands together and then run my hands over my braids or twists. Doing so locks moisture into the hair which may keep you from having to re-moisturize your hair throughout the week.
5. To minimize the chance of frizz taking over, the braids/twists should be left in until they’re completely dry. Not allowing the braids/twist to dry completely will result in frizz and there’s no way around it. If you like a little frizz, exercise control and fluff your hair up on your own at take down. That way, you can control the amount of frizz that will occur.
Remember to wear a satin bonnet to bed or sleep on a satin pillowcase as cotton will suck the moisture right out of your beautiful hair.
Braid out video tutorial

This video demonstrates...
how to separate braids
how to fluff a braid out
tips and tricks for styling
a professional hairstyle

video courtesy of kinkycurlycoilyme

How do you style your braid outs?

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