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Name: Sylvia
Occupation: College student
Hair type: 4b, kinky

Hello friend, my name is Sylvia. I created My Fair Hair to inform women how to wear their natural hair in the workplace.

The search for a professional look

As a college student, I have had my fair share of interviews. Before each interview, I would wonder, “How should I wear my hair?” I wanted to look to professional, but I did not want to straighten my hair. I remember searching online for professional natural hairstyles. The result was somewhat disappointing. There were several hairstyles that were beyond my hairstyling capability. Other hairstyles I found did not work with my thick, kinky hair type. 

My Fair Hair is born

As, I talked to relatives and coworkers with natural hair, it began to occur to me that many women were unsure of how to style their natural hair for the workplace. All of these natural women expressed a desire to have natural hairstyles that were professional and easy to do by oneself.

I decided to create My Fair Hair as a way to help women like myself who want to style their hair beautifully and professionally. My hope is that My Fair Hair will inspire women with natural hair and encourage them to wear their natural hairfearlessly. 

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