Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting a Job with Natural Hair

Having natural hair while applying for a position can bring up questions like: What will my employer think of my hair? Will I look unprofessional? And if you are applying to work in a restaurant setting you may ask: Will customers think my hair is dirty or unsanitary? Such questions and worries can cloud your mind and make you anxious about applying. However, there are some solutions!

Your natural hair is an extension of yourself, not who you are. The employer should be interested in YOU as a person and what you have to offer (i.e. your skills, work-ethnic), not the hair on your head. That being said, let’s take a look at some helpful tips as you job search.

1. Find a professional hairstyle that works for you. When it comes to styling your hair, it is easy to feel like there are few options. Natural hair, however, is versatile! Wear your hair in an afro puff, twists out, or in a cinnabun up-do

2. Dress professionally. A nice pair of slacks (dress pants) paired with a top, always works. Create your professional look: Visit My Fair Hair's Natural Hair & Style Lookbook 

3. Wear your hair in an up-do or protective hairstyle. Style your hair by tucking and pinning it with bobby pins to avoid tangles or shedding while you work. Styles like the donut bun or the cinnabun are ideal. You can also create a up-do hairstyle from a twist out. Protective hairstyles like havana twists and yarn twists/braids are great options as well.

Visit My Fair Hair's Natural Hair Style Tutorials to learn how to style your natural hair professionally. 


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How do you style your hair for a professional setting?

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